A day in the life of a pedophile


The alarm clock goes off. It is time for yet another morning ritual of showering and getting dressed. Necessary rituals that slowly but surely make me join the awoken ones.



Making a sandwich and a large cup of coffee for in the car. Listening to the radio I am always alert for pedophile news. None of that this morning.



I arrive at work. The office I work at today is really nicely situated in beautiful nature surroundings. Not a very busy schedule today. No appointments in the morning. There is time to read, go through that to-do list that kept getting longer and longer. My team is pretty much self sufficient. They can do without me today.


12.15 Lunch



It is nice and quiet at the office. Almost all people are gone. I love this part of the working day. I get my best work done at this time of the day.



Time to go home. The radio news says that the Germans have forbidden an association of bikers. Experts say that is impossible in the Netherlands. Yet less than twelve months ago the Dutch supreme court outlawed an association for pedophiles. One expert says that not outlawing the bikers has to do with the threat of violence by its members. I can’t help but think: “So that is what we pedophiles had to do: be more violent.”

Phone call with my young man (22). He won’t be home tonight and will stay with his girlfriend. I love him so much. Phoned my parents too, but they were out.



Home. Choose my homemade frozen dinner and put it in the microwave. Checking my pedophile accounts: Twitter, WordPress, Pedofilie.nl and two email accounts. Not much going on there. My speech was received well. Hundreds of hits. Nice!

Phone call with my young friend (13). He wants to know if he can come over on Saturday and stay till Sunday. He is a cool kid and I like having him around.



Spur of the moment decision to write this to let the reader know that pedophiles are normal people with ordinary lives. I guess I just have a somewhat aberrant sexual desire.

A friend is texting me wondering why he hasn’t seen me for so long. Yeah…I know, it has been too long. Texting back…maybe a beer or two on Thursday?

And for now let’s watch some Champions League football.


23.30….bed. I won’t bore you with more details.

5 thoughts on “A day in the life of a pedophile

  1. Jij bent net als die martijn en Ricardo !!! Opknopen zulke lui als jullie weetje als ik oooit oud en vergrijsd ben zoek ik je op knal je neer en lever je af bij de duivel vuil vies tering mannetje jij zou never merr in deze maatschappij mogen rondlopen EEN KIND HOORT KIND TE ZIJN EN NIET AANGEZETEN WORDEN DOOR ZO.N HALOUF ALS JIJ !!!!!!!!!! DROP EENS EEN FOTO VANZELF MET DE PLEK WAAR JE WoONT ONLINE DANNNNN


  2. Interesting story. I don’t doudt that you have a normal life but do you think that you should be almost “Bragging” about it and your “Partners”? Does this not encourage others to not seek help as its “normal”?

    And on another note. If you did get caught by the police, how would your parents and work colleagues feel if you got dragged in front of a judge, had all your computer equipment seized and ended up with a criminal record?


    1. Hello Kaine122. Thank you for replying.

      To be honest I don’t think I am bragging. I am just talking about my pedophilia the way I experience it. To me it is normal. it is who I am. And I don’t really have many problems with it. I am not saying it is a hoot being a pedophile. On the contrary. But all things considered I am quite happy with my life as a normal person and as a pedophile.
      It is certainly true that other pedophiles can have a problem with being a pedophile. It is not easy to be this radically different than most others. And it certainly isn’t easy to receive hatred and disrespect all your life. But please note that i do not advocate sex with children. If one is inclined to have sex with children, help certainly is advisable.

      Most of my immediate family and close friends know that I am a pedophile. My boys are welcome in their circles and have been for many years. I can’t say I won’t be paraded in front of a judge. I do know my actions and that they are not illegal. But an overzealous policemen or district attorney could well get me into trouble. That is true. But that kind of fear of being wrongfully damaged is not enough reason to keep my mouth shut. Pedophilia isn’t going to go away by stopping to talk about it. There are thousands (in the Netherlands) of teenage pedophiles in high schools. We can ignore that, or start thinking of ways to best equip them for a life as pedophile. Bullying, calling them names and threatening them with violence, shame and prison is, to my opinion, not the best way to go.


  3. Me parece muy horrible que no se permita una libre asociación de personas que no hacen nada malo. Esta sociedad sólo sabe estigmatizar más y más y no trata con normalidad la pedophilia, como en el caso de Coalinga, una estúpida cárcel que sólo muestra el miedo de esta sociedad a lo “diferente”


  4. Me parece genial que muestres la normalidad de tus actividades cotidianas, y me parece horrible la forma que tiene esta sociedad de marginar y maltratar a los pefofilos, que tienen total libertad de asociarse libremente. Spanish.
    Saludos y gracias


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