What’s the hardest truth you had to accept that made you stronger?

This question was asked on Quora.com. My answer was:

“That I am a pedophile and that nothing in this world is going to change that. I accepted the fact that I was sexually attracted to teen boys. I chose to live my own life and not some surrogate life in which I married, got children and made everyone around me believe I was a regular straight guy.

I came out to friends and family, had difficult discussions on what is acceptable behavior, vowed to honour all boys in my life, be of value to them in which ever way I could and not to have sex with them. A vow I have upheld for more than 30 years now.

Against all odds I have created quite a good life for myself. I have great friends, wonderful family and a few boys that I get to spend time with. Being single has some pro’s. I get to travel the world and not having to be home by supper does wonders for ones career.

Accepting that I am a pedophile and will never  have sex is not an easy reality. But yes…is has made me a stronger personality for it. ”


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