Can we put all pedophiles on an island to starve?

This question was asked on Quora and this is my answer. Do you have a question for me? Don’t hesitate and ask in English or Dutch.

“I think it is impossible. At least not without some serious collatoral damage. The problem lies in the idea to send “all” pedophiles to an island.

First you would have to determine who is a pedophile and who is not. That could prove to be tricky. However the last decade some promising ways of identifying a pedophile have emerged. Brainscans, implicit association tests, measuring penis enlarging tests and psychological reviews all claim with a certain degree of accuracy to do the job. But some pedophiles would still go undetected. And of course you would also have false positives. People of whom the tests show that they are a pedophile but in fact are not.

Another difficult element is to determine when you are a pedophile. According to the definition of a pedophile one must be attracted to prepubescent children. Hebephiles for instance are attracted to boys or girls that just hit puberty. Are they excluded from deportation? And if not, what is the age limit that you cannot be attracted to?

You would also have to consider from what age you would consider somebody to be a pedophile. I for instance discovered my feelings at 13 (ish). I put the name pedophile to it at 15. So from what age would you start identifying pedophiles? This is a dilemma. Do you want all pedophiles, like the question says? If so, you would have to accept that you will be sending minors to an island full of pedophiles.

All countries would need to cooperate and test it’s entire population for pedophilia. Considering how difficult and expensive it is to test an entire population on diseases like aids or cancer, I don’t think it will be an easy task to have all people in the world tested on pedophilia.

The island element is also not so easy as you might think. Current estimates by scientists suggest that 1% to 3 % of the male population is a pedophile. Let’s say it is 2%. That means you have to deport 70 million men (and boys) to an islands. Where can you find such an island? As an example, the UK has a population of 65 million people.

At last there is the starving element. Either the island would have to be infertile or made that way. Otherwise the pedophile population would just grow food, fish and hunt for animals.

You see, it is not so easy to realize such a plan. I guess it is much easier to put them into chambers (call them showers if you will) and gas them. Easy, simple, effective.

It may seem a bit harsh, I agree. It has been done before though but nowadays some people frown upon these practises. To this day they say “never again”. So you might have a hard time selling that one. All things considered I think it is better for you to ask yourself that one important question: why do I want this?

To curb child sexual abuse perhaps? Than it would be good to know that perpetrators of child sexual abuse are more often than not heterosexuals rather than pedophiles. This means you almost killed 70 milliion men and children to find out that child sexual abuse still exists. How senseless.

Perhaps it is wise to learn some facts about pedophiles and pedophilia before asking silly questions.

I have a question for you: Do you think we can put all idiots on an island to starve?”


2 gedachtes over “Can we put all pedophiles on an island to starve?

  1. We don’t all sexually take advantage of children, some of us just like looking at them. Nothing wrong with that !


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