Sem And His Child Sex Doll

“In the beginning it was quite intense. It was new and exciting. The first few weeks I had a lot of sex. Just the thought of the doll made me horny.” Sem is a thirty year old man with sexual feelings for teenage boys. Six months ago he bought a sex doll from a Chinese web store. “It’s a much nicer experience than masturbating.”

Sex with dolls and robots is on the rise. In 2018 the Dutch television program Spuiten & Slikken was the first in the Netherlands to organize a pop-up brothel with sex dolls. Now the country has several doll brothels. You won’t find child sex dolls there, even though child sex dolls are legal in the Netherlands. Dutch customs authorities see an average of ten child sex dolls entering the country each year. Meanwhile, other countries such as Norway, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and several states in the US and Australia, have prohibited the possession and distribution of child sex dolls. The Canadian customs considers child sex dolls to be child pornography and subsequently confiscates them.

Opponents of child sex dolls say the dolls lower the mental threshold for sex with a real child. But in an interview with The Prostasia Foundation, James Cantor, an associate professor at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Psychiatry, says there is yet no such evidence for that claim: “If there is evidence that using a child sex doll leads to real child sexual abuse, then we shouldn’t allow those dolls. But there is no such evidence. We may be uncomfortable with the thought of a child sex doll, we might think it is icky, but as yet there is no proof that sex with a childlike doll will lead to a crime.”

Sometimes we have a go in the shower. I mean: everything is possible!

Sem has had his doll for several months now. It is sold as an adult male for both gays and women. “Since it is a silky soft and hairless doll, these dolls look young. In my eyes the doll looks about thirteen, but when someone else looks at it, he can also be 25. In fact the doll has no age.”

“I didn’t buy any clothes for the doll, so he comes out of his box butt naked. Sometimes there is foreplay, some hugging and kissing. Now that I hear myself saying this, it sounds silly, but I enjoy the doll. I even like the extensive washing in the shower afterwards. Sometimes we have a go in the shower. I mean: everything is possible!”

The doll comes with an erect penis. The manufacturer offers all kinds of extras such as a different hair color, different eyes, or different sizes of genitals either with or without erection. “The doll hasn’t bored me for a second. It’s like masturbation, that doesn’t bore easily either, does it? When I bought the doll, I wasn’t sure if I would get aroused. I am not someone who is particularly fond of sex. But I am a man and every now and then I like to have some form of sex. This doll has given back my pleasure in sex. It is nonetheless not much more than a toy, a doll, a boy without a name. I am not in a relationship with the doll. Ideally, I‘d have a relationship with a man and would have sex with the doll whenever I want.”

He previously had a long term relationship with a man his age. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last. “My ex is a handsome man, but as we got older, I felt less and less attracted to him. Presumably he would not have agreed to the doll in our relationship. I guess it would have made him angry, or jealous, or both. I get that.”

“Gosh, I’m surprised so much can be said about a doll”

“I didn’t buy this doll with the intention to get closer to the feeling of sex with a teen boy. Not at all. I am a fierce opponent of sex with children and child pornography. Mind you, pedophilia is about much more than just sex. Others can articulate this better than I do but I experience pedophilia to be a love for some children. It’s not lusting for children. Given my experiences however, I recommend discussing the purchase of a sex doll with your GP, psychologist or psychiatrist. I imagine every person responds differently to having a sex doll. Especially in the first weeks be cautious, though there’s no reason to be anxious and overreact.”

“Gosh, I’m surprised so much can be said about a doll.”

Erik van Beek, a Dutch sexologist, is a long time advocate for the provision of virtual child pornography to pedophiles. He conceptualizes this could reduce child sex abuse and deliver a blow to the child pornography market.

Erik van Beek: “Dolls used as stimulation and regulation of sexual impulses and needs, are a good example of a means to experience fantasies more intensely. In a way it is comparable to watching porn. A child sex doll is still a legal alternative to child pornography. [Ben Kirssen: this applies to the Netherlands]. The global trend is that all kinds of images of children, either with or without sexual intent, are being scrutinized. It is no longer important whether the images impose a risk, but it is more about who is using these images. With a pedophile the material is quickly identified as suspicious, which is strange. The risks of using child sex dolls have yet to be looked into.”

Child dolls are not always about sex

An interesting aspect to a child sex doll is the 3D element. A doll can be touched and penetrated. “When viewing child pornography, physical affection and penetration are not possible. It is mainly about self-gratification. As a sexologist, I am curious what the ability to penetrate does with the desire to do this with a real child. But to be honest, straight men with sex dolls aren’t known to emerge as a risk group in statistics of more extreme or violent behavior either.” says Van Beek.

Child dolls are not always about sex. Evert, a pedophile man in his fifties, has a child doll at home. “The doll is about 80 cm tall and is actually intended for children. With this doll I express my emotional needs to provide care without involving a real child. I play with the doll as if it were a real child. I comb her hair, dress her up and exchange chit chat. I love my doll. The most important thing for me is to provide for the doll, just as I would like to provide for a child.”

Sem is sure that there will be a successor to his doll. “I have no idea what the doll’s ‘expiration date’ is, but if Dutch law allows it, I will definitely buy a new one after this. Not because I fear I will otherwise molest a real boy, no it is purely for my pleasure. The doll is more than I could have imagined. I am enjoying the sex. I don’t need anything else.”

Ben Kirssen, April 2020

Sem and Ben met serveral years ago. The interview was conducted through a chat service. Sem is a pseudonym. Ben Kirssen is a team member of; the Dutch platform for information, discussion and support. Ben Kirssen is a pseudonym.

The photo is of Kevin an adult male sex doll available at This is not a photo of Sem’s sex doll.

The interview by The Prostasia Foundation with dr. Cantor can be found here (from minute 16).

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