Do we really need to research dolls?

This past week there has been a buzz around he Japanese company Trottla that produces life like dolls of girls. Shin Tagaki, who is a pedophile himself, thinks his dolls are “…helping people express their desires, legally and ethically.” The article that first appeared in The Atlantic caused a stir in the world. Well, within the media and amongst experts that is. And pedophiles. The central question posed by The Atlantic was: “Can child dolls keep pedophiles from offending?” Several experts have since expressed their views on this. In the article Michael Seto, a leading researcher on the subject of … Lees verder Do we really need to research dolls?


Bullshit Bingo is a game played during meetings. Players write down management jargon like “synergy” and “out-of-the-box-thinking”. When that word is used you check the box. Once you have a four box line you shout: Bullshit ! Now there is the Pedo-Myth-Bingo. It uses the myths and stigmas most commonly used for pedophiles. When reading an article you check a box when one of these stigmas is mentioned. If you have a four box line you shout: Myth busted! Be sure to tweet the number of myths you found in an article. Feel free to refer to this page. Have … Lees verder Pedo-Myth-Bingo